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Pressure at school

A lot happens while we’re at school: in class, in passing time, and after the bell rings. You may have to manage lots of different types of interactions throughout the day.

You may be in situations where you are pressured to use substances. Nobody likes dealing with unwanted pressure to vape–it’s uncomfortable! Below, find advice from young people who have been there and who get it.

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“It’s important to stay true to yourself and your values. Vaping is very harmful and addictive. Drug use can seriously damage your health and have many consequences.”

– Jazmyn, 15

“In a peer pressure situation, if you’re finding it difficult to say no because you’re really good friends with someone and you’re afraid of them getting upset…or they put you down…that person is not your friend and you need to surround yourself with different people. And thats much easier said than done, but it will only benefit you in the end.”

– Anonymous, 14

“…don’t let them get to you, even if they’re your friend, because if they’re your friend, they wouldn’t peer pressure you. And if not then just kindly say no and walk away.”

– Anonymous, 14

Don’t listen to them even if they’re your friends. It’s not worth looking “cool” because it doesn’t look cool.”

– Anonymous, 15

“In a situation where you already have found yourself turning to vaping, smoking, or anything of the sort— and you’re trying not to rely on that to help cope. Try something that will distract you from that negative. A new hobby or something, eliminating things in your life that contribute most to your stress in a responsible manner like working less shifts, talking to your teachers and/or counselors about extra help, or more time on assignments. It’s difficult, very much so. But to get better, you need to *want* to get better. Thats always what i tell myself. So start with that.”

– Anonymous, 14

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