Turning Down A Vape - Save Your Breath NH

Turning down a vape

Turning down a vape offer can be VERY hard, and even feel awkward if your friends are persistent or you’re the only one not doing it.

The same reason or phrase isn’t going to work for everybody, or for every moment, and only YOU know your real reasons for avoiding vaping. With real friends, hopefully you can be honest and they’ll respect that.

Some vape refusal tactics you can try:

The Super Simples: Timeless. Confident. No explanation necessary.

  • Thanks! I’m good though.
  • Nah I’m good.
  • No thanks.

The Sports & Performance Reasons:

  • Nah, I have the game Friday.
  • OMG, my breathing was so messed up at my meet last week. I can’t anymore.
  • I need my voice for the play! Did you hear about Doja Cat?

The ‘Done With That’ Reasons:

  • Ugh I got so sick from vaping last month. Looking at that makes me want to barf.
  • I quit! Come on, I’ve got two weeks, I want to keep it going.
  • Oof I actually don’t like what it does to my head. It made me dizzy last time. I’m good.
  • Haven’t vaped since middle school! Got it out of my system early.

The Jokes:

  • What, and RoT mY bRaIn?! No way!
  • Puff, puff, PASS!
  • I don’t want a hit of that… but I do want to hit on you!
  • The only thing I need to hit is the gym.

The Lies: Go ahead. You have our permission.

  • My mom gives me nicotine tests now! I can’t.
  • Ugh my little brother saw me vape the other day and cried. I feel so guilty. I can’t be doing that anymore.
  • I have asthma. That stuff really messes me up. (Bonus: This ALSO works if you actually have asthma).

Other tips to keep in mind ⭐


  • Sometimes it’s easier to avoid than turn down a vape to your friend’s face. Are a group of friends going to hang out in a particular place where they all vape? You can bail on that if you think it’s going to be too hard to say no. 
  • Be prepared to have to repeat yourself. It’s hard to know why friends sometimes seem to *need* YOU to vape, but that’s not on you. Remember going in that you may have to be persistent. 
  • If you are trying or have recently quit, do you have friends you can ask to help you? Tell them you’ve quit and that you really want to stick to it. Maybe they will be on your team. 
  • If it were any other substance (like alcohol, weed or a pill) would you struggle to say “no thanks”? Probably not. But we want to help you stick to your convictions and what you really want for yourself in any situation.