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See the Lie. Save Your Breath.

Understand what’s happening when you vape: your lungs fill with harmful chemicals.
Big Tobacco wants to trick you into thinking vaping is safe so they can take your money, your time, and your health.
School Year 2023-24: Read and submit advice from NH students about how to deal with pressure to vape or use other substances.
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It’s Still Tobacco

Most nicotine, whether it is in cigarettes, dip or chew, hookah, or vapes, comes from the tobacco plant. Even though it comes in many forms, all tobacco products are addictive.
What about synthetic nicotine? It’s still addictive, and products with synthetic nicotine are still harmful. Talk or chat with a coach to help you quit using all tobacco and nicotine products.
People might try vaping for different reasons. Often they feel pressure from others, and unfortunately it's very easy to become addicted to nicotine. Learn about the risks and make your own decision at (link in our bio).
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Vapes can harm all different parts of your body. If you want to avoid vaping but you are not sure how, get ideas at the link in our bio. #SaveYourBreathNH
Source: Cleveland Clinic
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Wishing you self-love this valentine's day <3  #SaveYourBreathNH
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It's February: protect your heart, literally and figuratively! New research shows that people who vape have a 2.5x higher risk of heart attack. Visit our site (link in bio) for more on health impacts of vapes. #SaveYourBreathNH

Source: Alzahrani T. Electronic Cigarette Use and Myocardial Infarction.
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E-cigarettes contain so many chemicals, including benzene, which is also found in car exhaust and secondhand cigarette smoke (source: American Lung Association). Benzene can cause cancer, and it's not the only dangerous chemical in vapes. Follow us and visit the link in bio for more. #SaveYourBreathNH
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Three teenage girls sit laughing in a field of tulips.

Turning Down A Vape

Turning down a vape offer can be VERY hard, and even feel awkward if your friends are persistent or you’re the only one not doing it. Here are some vape refusal tactics you can try if you don’t want to vape.
Three teenage girls sit laughing in a field of tulips.

Learn the Truth

Vaping companies try to convince you that their products are safe. But the truth is every time you vape, you breathe in chemicals that hurt your lungs and heart and leave you feeling stressed. Flavored products, like mint and mango, sound fun, but vaping can really hurt your brain and lungs.
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Are Juul, Hyde, or Puff Bars Safe?

Hyde and Puff Bars are just other types of e-cigarette products with better looking packaging and flavors. They are directly marketed to youth, which can hurt youth’s brain and lungs. JUUL is in ongoing litigation with the federal government over its failure to meet the FDA’s public health standards for e-cigarette and ENDS products.

Vaping might make us feel relaxed and happy for a few minutes, but the truth is…

Most vapes contain nicotine, which affects your mood and impacts brain health. The longer nicotine is used, the brain loses more of its ability to deal with hard or stressful feelings. Vaping companies use nicotine because it’s addictive, which means you’ll crave your vape, making you a customer for life! Don’t let vaping companies steal your time, money, and health.

Flavors like mango and mint sound delicious, but we know…

Vaping companies use different flavors to hide the nicotine and chemicals in vapes, which are used to hook your brain and get you addicted. Those flavors are hiding some pretty gross chemicals that can leave our throat feeling scratchy and irritated.

Vaping is more than just water vapor. In fact...

Toxic chemicals and metals flow into your lungs every time you vape. Once you’ve breathed them in, these chemicals weaken your lungs and increase your chances for coughs, phlegm (yuck!) and bronchitis. Vaping has also been linked to asthma. We’re now learning that vaping can increase your risk of having asthma. For youth and teens with asthma, vaping can make your symptoms worse.

Nicotine from a vape travels quickly from the lungs into the bloodstream…

It enters your brain in about 8-10 seconds. Nicotine is a type of stimulant, which can make you feel more awake in the short term, but it affects your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. The more nicotine you have, the worse your sleep quality will be. This tricks your brain into thinking that you need more nicotine to stay alert the next day, meaning you’ll feel even more tired and drag your feet.

You vs Vaping

How easily can you dodge Big Tobacco's fruity flavors?
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